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Am I alcohol addicted?

Am I alcohol addicted?


Not everyone who drinks is dependent on alcohol, that is, not everyone who drinks needs treatment.

However, what distinguishes them from excessive consumers is that they tend to lose control of their behavior under the influence of this substance, with frequent memory loss.


The hangover (negative effects of abstinence from alcohol), the regrets or fears linked to inconsequential actions that the person may have performed under the influence of alcohol and frequent consumption as a way of forgetting what happened are important indications that the person may be developing a situation of addiction. However, it can get to the point where from the moment you drink the first one, you can’t stop anymore and the lies become more frequent and the person seems to live a double life, unhappy and dishonest.

The alcohol addicted also develops a kind of “allergy” to alcohol, that is, the ingestion of a small amount of that substance triggers absolutely disproportionate reactions.

It is at this point that it will make perfect sense to seek treatment for your addiction without delay.

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The treatment of alcohol addiction, through its various approaches, will help the alcoholic to assume that he has this problem, recognising that, for this reason, it is not possible for him to drink moderately. This gives you the opportunity to focus on your many potentials, learning to free yourself in order to live a free and full life. If you identify with the symptoms described above, or know a family member or acquaintance who may be in this situation, contact our Treatment Center.

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