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I think I have an alcohol problem. How can I treat this problem?

I think I have an alcohol problem. How can I treat this problem?

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It is known that, more than changing a behavior that has become a pattern, it is necessary to change the thoughts and feelings that are at the root of addictions.

But it is not always easy and it is often necessary to seek specialized help for cases such as alcohol problems!

1.How do stimulants work in our body?

Tobacco, alcohol and even coffee are stimulating substances for the body.

How do stimulants work? The pituitary gland – the gland responsible for the sensations of taste and smell – is always “watchful” and, when it detects these substances, it gives an alert and “summons” all the other glands to eliminate the “intruder”. At that moment, the concentration of energy is felt as a stimulus that causes a sensation of pleasure, which is why the dose is repeated, thus generating new stimuli. The continuous repetition of this process causes dependence, as it causes habituation and the glands lose their strength to protect the organism and it starts to need those substances to be able to work.

2. Treatment of alcohol dependence

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Hospitalization for addiction resulting from the alcohol problem not only allows the cessation of the substance consumption, but also, and essentially, of all the routines associated with it, enhancing the continuity of the change effort, within a group supported by specialized professionals ready to give a “handful” of understanding and love.

The problem of alcohol or alcoholism is not an inherited disease, but in many cases it has a strong genetic component. Those who are children of parents with problems related to alcohol consumption are more likely to suffer from the same problem, not only because they had a model at home, but also because of a genetic predisposition (which has nothing to do with fate!).

Addition to alcohol is completely incompatible with social control over the act of drinking, which is why the practice of total abstinence is suggested as the only fully effective way to provide freedom from dependence and prevent relapses.

Hospitalization and treatment provide essential tools to be able to resist the temptation to escape problems or seek quick relief through alcohol, strengthening the alcoholic so that he can find within himself less toxic, more natural and healthy resources to face his life.

During the treatment period, it is sought that the individual adopts a different attitude and is reinforced by this. Thus, he will not continue to pretend to be the “clown” he used to be in order not to deal seriously with his problems or for fear of not being socially accepted. You will no longer minimize their weaknesses and fears, and will start to recognize them, accept them and work with them. On the contrary, it will be accepted by everyone, cherished and encouraged to follow the path of sobriety, that is, a healthy life of change, growth and happiness.


The treatment of alcohol dependence allows to abandon the slavery of the “substance” and its terrible consequences, teaching the addict to pursue more appropriate and responsible options that allow him to achieve a life of his own and full of freedom, in which each day he will pass to be “the first day of the rest of your life”. Count with us to help you with that change.


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