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Signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence syndrome

Signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence syndrome

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The alcohol dependence syndrome (ADS) corresponds to the compulsive search for alcoholic beverages and reveals the need to ingest increasing amounts of alcohol.

In addition to the definition, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence syndrome. We will present, throughout this article, which are the risk factors and how to act to start treatment in a detox clinic.

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Alcohol Dependence Syndrome: What is it?

Alcohol dependence syndrome is a chronic disease and needs to be seen as such. When there is dependence on alcohol, the person does not control his desire and needs to drink alcohol incessantly.

alcohol dependence syndrome

Those who suffer from alcohol dependence syndrome see their behavior compromised and, in turn, their family and social life. According to WHO – World Health Organization, the compulsive use of alcohol is one of the causes for the emergence of more than 200 diseases and disorders, responsible for the death of 3 million people worldwide each year – about 5.3% of the total number of deaths.

The immediate response for people who are trying to help a loved one to stop drinkingshould be to first recognize the illness and realize that it needs to be treated. Look for experts in the field and the most prestigious doctors.

At VillaRamadas there are several detox programs that will definitely help the alcoholic. The change must happen as soon as possible, so that alcohol dependence does not continue.

How to distinguish alcohol dependence from common use?

We can distinguish alcohol dependence from alcohol abuse. It should not be confused with alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

  • Abuse of alcohol: excessive consumption of alcohol depends a lot from person to person, but in any case we can consider that there is excessive consumption of alcohol when family, social and professional problems occur;
  • Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: manifests itself when consumption is stopped, usually after 6 hours without ingesting any alcoholic beverage. The most common symptoms are tremors, irritability, lack of concentration, restlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, disorientation leading to relapse.

5 signs of alcohol addiction to watch out for

Alcohol dependence is noticeable in a series of attitudes of the addict and they are the ones that will serve as warning signs for a possible search for help.

signs of alcohol dependence
  1. Compulsive behavior: when alcoholic cannot stop and consumption ends up being done impulsively and continuously. Often the individual is aware of his problem, but the desire is stronger than he is;
  2. Difficulty in stopping alcohol consumption: after starting, there are failed attempts to try to reduce or stop consumption;
  3. Physical abstinence: when there is nausea, sweating, agitation and tremors when the alcoholic does not drink for some time;
  4. Alcohol tolerance: if initially the smallest doses cause a feeling of well-being, over time, they need to be larger to offer the same feeling;
  5. Behavioral crises: the alcoholic starts to stop doing what he liked to do, his professional concentration decreases and he starts to behave strangely in front of friends and family. Discussions and, in most cases, episodes of physical and psychological violence may occur.

In addition to these points, there are other signs that result from alcohol dependence and that are easily noticed, such as swollen and reddened eyes, cognitive deficit, bad breath, weak nails, dehydrated, dry hair strands and hair loss. Mais sobre este texto de partidaÉ necessário o texto de partida para obter informações de tradução adicionais Enviar fee

If you notice these signs of alcohol dependence syndrome then it means that your loved one is really in need of medical help and possible hospitalization.
The first step in the treatment of alcohol dependence is always the most complicated, but when you contact VillaRamadas we will accompany you in this transformation. We have interdisciplinary programs and are truly committed to enabling change to begin

Effects of alcohol dependence syndrome

effects of alcoholism

Unfortunately, the alcohol dependence syndrome carries with it some dangers and causes a series of effects on the alcoholic’s brain, on his body and obviously on the mental health of the family.

Let’s see how an alcoholic’s behavior changes in the short and long term:

  • Short-term effects of alcohol dependence: loss of memory, disorganization, incoordination in the face of simple daily and/or professional tasks, change in emotional state, etc.
  • Long-term effects of alcohol dependence: physical weakness, muscle numbness, hepatitis, pancreatitis and other liver diseases, cancer, reduced sexual appetite, infertility, psychological disorders such as depression, guilt and even suicidal tendencies.

According to recent studies, dementia can also be caused by alcohol dependence, since many individuals lack vitamin B1, which is important for preserving memories. Remember that when excessive alcohol consumption persists for several months, alcoholic coma can occur and this can lead to death.

Risk factors for alcohol dependence


The characteristics of alcohol dependence are similar to any other dependence such as tobacco or the most different types of drugs. But what are the risk factors? That is, what circumstances can lead to the appearance of this syndrome?

  • Age: Many teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16 start drinking alcohol, either willingly or to please their friends. Pay attention to your son or daughter, and know that alcohol dependence in adolescents is more likely to develop health problems;
  • Stress, anxiety and depression: the pandemic crisis, the energy crisis resulting from the Ukrainian War have intensified these moods that can lead to excessive alcohol consumption;
  • Ease of purchasing alcoholic beverages: nowadays alcoholic beverages are available at low prices and in several places;
  • Family alcoholism: Many people have a family history of alcohol abuse, which can intensify or lead to this problem.

Alcohol dependence syndrome: Diagnosis


The diagnosis for alcohol dependence syndrome is usually made initially by the family or a friend, who realizes that the person closest to them suffers from this disease. From there, they should seek specialized help.

The faster the diagnosis of alcohol dependence is made, the easier your loved one will be able to resume life as before. When contacting VillaRamadas clinics, we will carry out all the necessary analyzes to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis for your husband, daughter or son.

All the necessary advice and support will be given to both the dependent and his family, so that both can resolve this problem with confidence.

Treatment of alcohol dependence syndrome

There is no need to be afraid to ask for help, no matter how much our society is still plagued by stigmas. The alcohol dependence syndrome cannot be resolved overnight, so it is necessary to have courage and patience, and to resort to the most appropriate therapies and programs.

alcohol addiction treatment

In VillaRamadas clinics there are several doctors whotreat alcohol problems. The approach is made not only with the alcoholic, but also with the people in his family nucleus, because they too need advice.

The treatment of alcohol dependence syndrome is more effective when there is this awareness on the part of the family. It is more than proven that the journey towards the social reintegration of the addict cannot be done alone, but rather with people around him who are able to help. The type of treatment for alcohol dependence at VillaRamadas will depend on the degree of dependence and health status of the alcoholic.


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