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Tips to help someone stop using drugs


Want to know how to help a person get off drugs? Chemical dependency does not only affect the addict and can cause serious problems in their family. In fact, drugs cause emotionally and psychologically disturbing repercussions both on the person who uses drugs and on the individuals around them.

If you want to help a person get off drugs, be it a family member or friend, you will have to take some steps to change habits and open new doors. We are sure that our tips for stopping using drugs apply to any addiction, from cocaine to cannabis, from heroin to ecstasy.

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1. Recognize addiction to stop using drugs

The first step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem. It is not simple to help a loved one to recognize the disease of addiction in order to be able to stop using drugs. Little by little, the task can be accomplished through conscious and appropriate phrases and words.

how to help a person quit drugs

Change begins with the addition when the family has the courage to change. Try to empathize and establish a healthy dialogue with your loved one who wants to stop using drugs.

Help him to realize his mistake to start treatment. You can take advantage of a late afternoon, or a time of day when you haven’t used, to write down on a sheet of paper the reasons why you should stop using drugs. In conversation, you will also get to the initial causes for consumption.

2. Understand the reasons why people use drugs

When you want to help someone to stop using drugs, you must understand the reasons that led to consumption. The consumption of any type of drug often results from depression, anxiety, marital and family crises, financial problems, etc. Do not judge, but rather try to understand in detail the reasons that led to the use of drugs.

how to talk to a drug addict

When your son, husband or brother uses drugs, not only does he become a slave to addiction, he can also become a violent and extremely dangerous person towards others. To avoid arguments and more serious problems, you should try to decode your loved one’s mind.

3. Never feel guilty when trying to help

Many are the people who, when trying to help a friend or family member to overcome drugs, are haunted by a feeling of guilt. what did I do wrong? What did I miss? What could I have done better for my husband, for my daughter?

This feeling of guilt makes contact with the drug addict difficult and makes the process of overcoming more complicated.

how to help a person get off drugs

Understand that there is no one to blame for the situation. There is only the situation and the problem that needs to be faced head-on. It’s not worth looking for responsible, so get rid of this feeling. Social judgments and beliefs must also be fought.

4. Be honest with the loved one who uses drugs

Not all people know how to talk to an addict to stop using drugs We recommend that you be as sincere as possible and say what comes from your heart.

Drug addicts tend to be fragile people, who distrust everyone, especially those with whom they spend more time or trust them more. Try not to lie, but without compacting with mistakes.

psychological support

The family plays a fundamental role in the treatment to stop using drugs, as it helps the addict to feel motivated and to follow a therapeutic program in a rehabilitation clinic.

You can rest assured that at Clínica VillaRamadas, our focus is not only on the addict who enters treatment, but we also provide all the necessary psychological support to the family, which together fights for the recovery of their loved one.

5. Visit quiet places

As we have seen before, you must assess the behavior of drug addicts, to understand their routine and the reasons that lead to consumption. Once this study is done, you can motivate your friend or child to visit quiet places, such as parks and public gardens, and thus avoid places where there is drug consumption.


They may pick up a conversation left in the middle several months ago and may encourage you to seek treatment for your chemical dependency.

We all know that it will take some time for your loved one to accept the seriousness of the problem. In the meantime, try to be considerate, knowing that one small step daily will make a difference.

6. Does playing sport help you beat drugs?

Convincing someone to stop using drugs requires much more than mere dialogue. If you live with the drug addict and he is truly motivated to stop using drugs, you can challenge him to play sports or pursue his favorite hobby.

A person starts using drugs as an escape from his problems and forgets what he likes most. Make sure your loved one doesn’t spend more time on drugs and get him to grab life again.

mountain top

A walk through a distant village or a tour of the highest mountain in your city are some suggestions for overcoming. The goal is to help someone regain their self-esteem and realize that they can overcome challenges, as long as they maintain perseverance.

7. Does healthy eating help a person to stop using drugs?

Healthy eating is also one of the keys to quit drugs. Many drug addicts have a weak appearance and are underweight for their age, height and gender.

A healthy diet, according to the advice of a nutritionist, helps to maintain intestinal balance and prevent serious diseases such as diabetes.

how to help a person get off drugs

Prepare meals rich in carbohydrates, vegetables and greens and be careful with stimulant substances, namely sugar or coffee.

In addition to helping with the detoxification process, proper foods increase the immune system’s defenses. Your loved one will become an empowered person who feels good about his body and mind. In any case, a healthy diet to stop using drugs is not achieved alone and the recommendations of a nutritionist or doctor from a treatment clinic should be followed.

8. Stop using drugs alone? Why should it be avoided?

Make sure your loved one seeks expert help rather thanleaving drugs alone. Addicts often feel a strong desire to quit, but this desire is often tested by withdrawal crises.

There, the drug addict feels an uncontrollable desire that leads him to consume drugs again. Relapses are complicated situations in the overcoming process and require some patience and added emotional support.

drug consumption

Therefore, treatment in a specialized clinic, which has a multidisciplinary team that is attentive to each case, is essential. Want to know more about this team and how it can help your loved one? Contact us to explain everything in detail.

9. Can a psychologist help a person to get off drugs?

You may initially convince your loved one to see a psychologist or join self-help groups to get off drugs, but these are primary solutions that won’t solve the problem in the long run.

To help a person to get off drugs, he should be advised treatment at a recovery clinic, such as VillaRamadas.

going to the psychologist

We have a set of personalized programs and activities, which are oriented to the needs of the person who wants to stop using drugs.

10. How to approach the treatment with the drug addict?

Chemical dependency is a disease and must be treated as such. Drug treatment in a clinic should be seen as an opening of doors. Let your loved one know about VillaRamadas’ treatment options, but try to make the experience as less alarming as possible.

drug relapse

For example, you can first contact VillaRamadas and then share your research with your loved one. Help your friend, wife or husband understand that they are not alone, and that so many people struggle to overcome addiction. You can count on us to help you with this approach.

The first reaction is usually disapproval. It is not easy for a drug addict to receive the news that he needs to change his attitudes or that he needs to be hospitalized.

Carefully inform them that the treatment is the most effective solution, which will really allow them to beat the drugs, no matter how challenging the journey may be. Say that you will be there for whatever it takes and that you will accompany you in this change.


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